Congratulations!!! I am so pleased to invite you to be part of Andrew Lloyd Weber's Cats, RAM Theater's first musical on the newly renovated Ramona stage.  The level of performance in the auditions at Ramona continues to go through the roof! I look forward to the caliber of shows we will be able to stage here in the future based on what I saw this week!

Please be sure to come to Room 8 on Thursday after school to pick up your scripts and to meet each other:

GRIZABELLA: Jennifer Walker

OLD DEUTERONOMY: Jonathan Osbrink


MUNKUSTRAP(S): Marissa Nuñez, Elizabeth Grant, Eric Bruno

BOMBALURINA: Elizabeth Grant

DEMETER: Marissa Nuñez

MUNGOJERRIE: Dominique Jeffcoat

RUMPELTEAZER: Isabella McCollum

JENNYANYDOTS: Isabella Encinas

JELLYLORUM: Helen Kirkwood

VICTORIA: Grace Lyons

JEMIMA: Jennifer Palacios

SKIMBLESHANKS: Richard Gardner


  • DANCER: Jessica Pham
  • SOLOISTS: Eric Bruno, Gabriel Lepe

BUSTOPHER JONES: Oseas Hernandez

GUS: Drew Ward

MACAVITY: David Bello

CASSANDRA: Claudia Velazquez

SUPER HERO: Gabriel Lepe

TANTOMILE: Christine Pearson

CORICOPAT: Jonathan Ramirez

TRIOS: Elizabeth Grant, Marissa Nuñez, Isabella McCollum, Grace Lyons, Isabella Encinas, Claudia Velazquez

VOCAL SOLOISTS: Alissa Elbey, Savannah Riggs, Haydee Vazquez, Isabella Hargett, Dominique Jeffcoat, Elizabeth Valencia, Christian Velasco, Josue Hernandez, David Bello

ENSEMBLE: Angel Alfaro, Daniela Alvarado, Josh Barlow, Elyse Brabant, Brian Bravo, Gillian Burns, Yiara Calderon, Emma Coleman, Annabell Gonzalez, Aisha Hernandez, Summer Lantz, Maricielo Lazada, Wendy Lopez, Zimarrah Mayo, Jacqueline Mora, Jenna Murillo, Angela Ramirez, Jazmin Ramirez, Jazmin A. Ramirez, Jonathan Ramirez, Chloe Tankink, Bethany Van Lul